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Falabella Animation
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Animation 1: Aladdin
Animation 2: Taccuari
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aladino tacuari Ranch in Argentina

Falabella movie clip  4    "Aladdin" No.2

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The first import horse from Argentina and the first original Falabella horse in Japan  (with numbering in the hoof like a certificate of pedigree, and 4 certificate  of origin, etc.) came from Argentina to Japan in August, 2006.  It is a project of one year.
Severe quarantine is passed, and It entrusts to Niigata Prefecture temporarily as a protection period until the 10th of November.

    Let's  compare the height !  The Falabella  of the scarcity value worldwide:.   

Miniature Horse    -  Falabella
Horse of kind of small world No.1 "Falabella horse"    It is a companion of the horse in the world and a minimum kind.

The source is said  coming from Spain.
It originates in the wealthy farmer in Argentina that worked on the production of miniature horses in the 19th century and it originates in Falabella's family  name.   Minimum horse in the world from which improvement was made through long tract of years repeatedly.   It is presented to multi millionaire and VIP such as  Onassis family and the Kennedy family, etc. , and only the Falabella family located in Argentina  has bred the pureblood, and also the garantee.     Guinness Book publishing.
As for the diminutive race of horses,   about 70kg in weight and  70cm in height are produced .  Popularity is very high for the pet, and the parade is also popular in some countries.  Riding Falabela horse is unsuitable.
And also we can say  another use in the animal therapy field.


Falabella photograph corner
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  temporal deposit  in Niigata Prefecture

  pink T-shirt girl who is 7 years old 
giving the  food .
You can compare easily the height.